The official dive flag of the Monterey Bay. Down for local divers since '14.

A short divemola tale


"Whatever, sharks are lame..."

The fire pit crackles as it throws light around Redwood Camp. Hands and toes reach for its warmth, tucked away in a remote thicket of sequoias halfway down the Big Sur coast.

"It's like—nobody WANTS to see a shark while they're diving, you know?"

The frigid Diablo Creek gurgles as it passes below the campfire huddle, minutes before teaming up with Big Creek to go and chill with a cool-headed Pacific.

"It's either the DiveShark—which probably freaks people out from getting in the water—or the DiveCalifornia flag, which is like, eh..."

The warm glow of the fire dances across puffies, parkas and long pants. Salty hair and mask-induced creases frame the faces of the teaching assistants for UC Santa Cruz' 2013 scientific diving class.

"But so what would be a Monterey Bay, Central California dive flag animal, then?"

A coal gets excited and spits an ember into the air.

"Dude, it's gotta be an otter."

"Ooh, points for originality, charismatic megafauna man!"

The fleeting firefly soars skyward. 

"How about some giant kelp?!"

"That would be so hard to make, and to tell what it is..."

"Yeah, that's true..."

The ember pauses, hovering undecidedly.

"Gray whale?"

"Humpbacks are cooler"

"Sea lions were almost our school mascot..."

"What's up with all the mammals—Rockfish?"

"Which one?"

"Good point."

The holding pattern turns ashen as momentum cools.

"What's the craziest animal we have out here?"

"I dunno, that's a tough one..."

"Like the thing that if you saw it your life would be made on a dive?"

A passing whim pushes the petite particle towards the light again.

"What about a Mola mola?"


The ember catches the fiery updraft and lights anew, before disappearing into the night.

One year later, the DiveMola was born.


DiveMola™ is a project by Patrick Anders Webster. All rights reserved. © 2019


DiveMola™ is a project by Patrick Anders Webster. All rights reserved. © 2019